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General information

In the 'Limit of likes' field, enter the number on which you want to stop getting likes. For example, you have 500 likes on the photo, and you want to get 800 more. Then in the 'Limit of likes' field you should enter 1300


How many likes I can get?
It is not recommended get more than 1000 likes on 1 photo and more than 2000 on account per day. But it is possible and more. Possible consequences of exceeding the limit - the loss of the ability to get likes.

Why I don't getting likes?
1. You have private account
2. You are trying to get more than recommended
3. You have bad karma

Other questions you can ask in social networks


Joinsta API is an interface, which allows allows to get likes by http-requests to our server. All information is passed as normal get-parameters in the http-request. As a result, the server will respond to your request.

Terms of use:

  1. Joinsta is a free product that does not bring direct income to its developers, but brings great benefits and a lot of positive to its users. Therefore, according to our philosophy, all products built on the joinsta API must be at least conditionally free (ideally free). If your product provides for commercial use (voluntary contributions are not considered commercial), please write to the service developer for more details.
  2. All products, based on Joinsta API must contain a link to the site For example:
    Powered by <a href="" target="_blank">joinsta API</a>
    Works on <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
    Developed with <a href="" target="_blank">joinsta</a>
  3. Using the joinsta API, you allow to receive information about you or the server from which requests are made (namely IP-addresses, user agent, your age, sex, address of residence, breast size).

General parameters and responses — API-server.


Example request

Service responses:


In public API allowed only 50 requests in minute from 1 IP-address (if requests count is more, service will block you for 1 minute and respond a «tempotary block» error).

Removal of the limit and development confirmation

All (or almost all) limits can be removed by obtaining a key. To do this, you need to write to the developer and clearly point the reason why you need a key, namely:
  1. Name of your service;
  2. Description;
  3. Required number of requests.